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EMAIL: Good-bye from Dubai 23.05.2003
PHOTOS: Fly-Buy-Dubai, but for a non-shopper 18.05.2003
PHOTOS: The jewel of Islamic Persia 15.05.2003
EMAIL: Salam from Iran 14.05.2003
PHOTOS: Faded glory of Persia 13.05.2003
PHOTOS: Now in ruins 11.05.2003
PHOTOS: Kerman and Mahan 10.05.2003
(blank) 08.05.2003
PHOTOS: Comfort stop 06.05.2003
EMAIL: Ayubovan from Sri Lanka 06.05.2003
PHOTOS: For all the tea in Sri Lanka 05.05.2003
PHOTOS: Home of Buddha's tooth 04.05.2003
PHOTOS: The historic North-Central region 02.05.2003